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  1. gary doyen says:

    I just ran across your web site, and am very impressed at the deep discounts you have. I’m from daggett mi and wondering what your address is. So I can figure what I need for my sunroom, and come and visit you!!!!!! So please send the directions to and i will get back to you as soon as possible. could these windows travel flat or better vertical. I’m thinking I’ll have 300 miles so what would be best? Gary f Doyen

  2. keith trayler says:

    was looking for tempered glass to make solar panels with. Can this glass be cut either my myself or prior to picking it up? I did not find the exact size I need, or even close.

    Was looking for something around 27 x 31 x 5/8.

    Thank you,


  3. Randy Lindstedt says:

    Need windows, prefer 1″, double pain. Need all the same height between 62-66 and all can be plus or minus a few inches.

    4- approx. 40X64
    1 – approx 72 X64

  4. Tammy says:

    Do you ship to other parts of the country?

  5. drake petty says:

    Great prices,Wow im in Michigan, What would it cost me for a 12mm x 72 x 24″ piece. Or a 3/4″ x 72 x 24″ shipped to Grand Haven, Michigan?

  6. John Steines says:

    Do you post weight anywhere of the tempered insulated glass panels?

  7. David says:

    I’m interested in your 34×76 tempered pnls in reg and low e. I will need 4 lites if possible?

  8. Edgar Angel says:

    I need to replaced a 20 x 69 x 1/4 insulated glazes (double-hung) that is on my deck in my house in Matthews, NC, and I want to know if you sale this, if you sheep to NC and what’s the final price.

  9. AJ Wilson says:

    I have a storefront in Lacrosse Wisconsin and need some tempered glass installed and/or delivered. The size I would need a quote for is 67×67.

  10. pldsan says:

    I have a 1905 house with windows about 28 by 68 I’m purchasing. (I know I will have to have exact measurements to order). What I wanted to ask I was wondering about just mounting your glass on the inside in front of the double hung window. That would leave the out side looking the same and would be much less expensive than going for a double hung replacement. Assuming the size is right, is this something that could be done?

    Also was is the r-value of your windows?


  11. pldsan says:

    Should have said what is the r-value of your glass? Sorry, but thanks. PK.

    • kissourglass says:

      The R value of the clear 1″ units is about 2. the Low E unts in the same thickness about 3.25. This is at the enter of the unit, which has the highest R value. Asyou get closer to the metal spacer at the edge the R value is less. Joe

  12. Sean McClay says:

    can you guys get the track system to put glass on a roof? I have a customer with a 6×16 area that we want to put glass on the rafters. 2′ centers. Thanks

  13. Larry Dick says:

    I need to get another phone number for your contact ASAP

  14. Georgia Roper says:

    We need to replace nine glass panels in our sunroom, the seals have broken and they are fogged. Existing panels are tempered, double paned, unframed, and 34″ X 76″. Don’t know how thick the panes of glass are though. Tried to find an approximate price but I don’t have Office so I can’t view the price list, sorry. Can you please tell me an approximate price? Also, do you provide an option for grills built inside the window? Thank you so much.

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